As a producer, it is comforting to know that when I hire Danny, I will get results the first time around. No matter what fire drill I throw at him, no matter what hour of what day -- he always manages to accomplish the task with astounding success.

Danny Stoltz is an executive casting director and veteran of the entertainment industry with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio. He has been responsible for casting over 2,000 projects of all types in the last ten years while working with many leading directors, producers, production companies and prestigious advertising agencies in the business.

His resume lists countless credits from clients such as Euro RSCG, Respond 2,

Saatchi & Saatchi, Chiat/Day, Leo Burnett, Big Shot Pictures and many others. In addition to films, corporate videos and print projects, he specializes in commercials, having cast hundreds of award winning spots and major campaigns for fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intel, Bowflex, Home Depot, Target, the NBA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Ford, Toyota, Suzuki, Lego and hundreds more.

He began his professional casting career at the unlikely age of 16 when he decided to cast himself as a teenage entrepreneur by launching a cutting-edge extras casting company in Portland, which quickly became the industry's most successful extras resources in the NW. A few short years later, after working on major blockbuster films and countless commercial projects, he formed Danny Stoltz Casting, a full service principal casting company. He quickly earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional services while artistically matching great actors and real people to the spots he was responsible for casting. By age 21, he was considered the "go to" guy for casting in Oregon and had established himself as a first-class, accredited casting director with the ability to think outside the box and successfully facilitate the entire casting process.

In 2002, at age 25 with over 700 commercial credits to his name, his career was propelled again as he embraced the opportunity to cast the leads and day players for Gus Van Sant's controversial film, "Elephant". The details of the story were developed from the casting that Stoltz worked vigorously on for 6 months. The film won best picture at the Cannes Film Festival and gained Stoltz national recognition as a creative casting director with an instinctive ability to discover new talent. He then cast a wide range of character actors in the movie phenomenon "What the Bleep Do We Know", an acclaimed film about quantum physics that went on to win many awards internationally. Next, he cast the NW day players for the DreamWorks feature, "The Ring 2" followed by a slew of independent films, continuous commercial work and a range of hit reality TV shows including, "The Apprentice", "Bad Girls", "Adventures in Love", "Endurance" as well as many others.

Danny's drive and true tenacity has kept him at the top of his game in a business he loves and continues to thrive in. He understands the importance of good casting, integrates skillful prep, meets strict deadlines and has extensive resources. His dedicated, long-term team of full time casting assistants and associates revel in the rigors of production and are always ready, available and happy to help. Danny and his crew take pride in the ability to customize his services to match any creative needs, from simple submissions to the most elaborate and challenging demands. Danny has a strong understanding of the production and creative process; he is familiar with the changing needs of casting in today's increasingly diverse society and is highly committed to his clients' needs and the success of every project. His vision and passion for the industry has not faded and he still enjoys the work of bringing concepts to life.

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