“Thanks once again for the luxury of not being snapped through an audition - and your precise nail on the head direction I appreciate the fact that you give me a chance to look acceptable for a client to look at on tape. And I love the way you work with kids. Not one of them feels the least bit nervous or overawed. Quite good at what you do and willing to take time to get your work done. Thanks.”
  Marzee Crum

“Thank you so much for the positive, comfortable atmosphere you provided for the Endurance 3 auditions. This was only the 2nd audition for Emma. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and felt completely at ease. She is excited to have advanced to the 2nd round and hopes to make it all the way to the "coolest summer camp ever!" Thanks again for the great experience. She gives you guys an big thumbs up!”
  Melissa Jacobsen

“Thank you for your help with my booking HP and Sprint! I always enjoy auditioning at your office, you are all fun and professional.”
  Katie O'Grady

“Dear Danny, You are a dear! Thank you for casting me in the super-cool "Home Depot" commercials. We shot 3 two-minute spots! So, like you and the director Brian say, it might warrant my husband nicknaming me "Goldie" You are always very nice to me when I come in for auditions and you take your time which is a big plus for me-you know what I need to do to get the job-at least, in this cases Thank you Danny and I hope to see you soon!”
  Katherine Hammond

“Thank you so much for the Magnavox booking! I'm really excited about it and can't wait to shoot. Thank you also for the Lincoln Mercury audition. I appreciated your organization as well as your courtesy towards the actors.”
  Julie Frahler

“First of all, I got this card for you before I booked Carnival Cruise Lines & Hollywood Video - just so you know. I wanted to congratulate you on your new space. I know how proud you must be. I also wanted to thank you for your positive feedback during auditions - it keeps my spirits up and going. Thanks for pulling for me.”
  Pam Mahon

“Thank you so much for your attentiveness in working with us to audition for the Sprint commercial. It really makes a difference!
  Kaycheri Rappaport

“Thank you for all your had work and effort in casting me in the Phillips and Simmons projects. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. It's always a pleasure and a great experience to work with you!”
  Laura Dewing

“Thanks for all the auditions and helping me land the Nautilus Sleep Systems job! It is great working with you!
  Kari Gjone

“Thank you!!! Audition was fun and nice to visit with you. Congrats on your hard work paying off! You're the hottest thing in town. Thanks for being so positive and working so hard.”
  - Karen LaVoie

“I recently worked on the Everclear project with your company. I would just like to applaud your company on the excellent professionalism. Being four hours behind on the music video shoot, stresses shot up and your company jumped in and provided not only monetary relief but also relief with food and anything else in which could add to people's comfort. I just want to applaud three people in particular: Danny, and two other women, one who had short dark hair, and another one with curly longer brown hair. These three people were excellent examples of efficient administrators. People like this are the driving force behind thriving companies. I look forward to working for your company again.”
  Eric A. Wilson

“Without a doubt you're the most diplomatic, politest, patient casting people any actor could hope to meet. I'm very lucky I ran into your place.) Much success to you. Cheers!”
  Marzee Crum

“Thank you for the opportunity to audition today. Your camera person was extremely professional, yet she created a comfortable environment.”
  Pamela Allen

“Thank you for the donation to Doernbechers. Plus, thank you for being such a patient casting director. You are a credit to the industry. My deepest sincerity.”
  Karen Lavoie

“Thank you for giving Jared the opportunity to audition for the commercial. He was so full of confidence, self-esteem and so proud of himself when we left! Thank you in taking a huge part of making him feel special!”
  Jared Eschweiler

“I wish to thank you very much for the opportunity to audition today for the Henry Weinhard's commercial. Your representatives were very professional and made us all feel at ease. The gentle coaching of the woman had the effect of guiding us into the right emotions and dialogue.”
  Robert Monsen

“Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to work on the "Partner Notification" project with you. Again everyone involved was fabulous and kind. You and your crew really rock Portland! It's a blessing to have such gifted people in the area and in the industry! Thank you again. Best regards.”
  Chris Hogan

“Danny, Thank you so much for the opportunity to audition for the Fred Meyer & No Smoking projects. It is always great to see your staff & yourself so helpful & happy to be there. Obviously everyone loves their job. It's great. Thank you again.”
  Cris Fain

“Thank you so much for all your work on the Country Insurance job. It was my first national commercial and my way to become SAG so it was a big deal to me. I am glad it all came together beautifully. Can't wait to see it.”
  Maricelle Jeannette

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you. It is always such a blast to audition for you. And this movie was no exception! Thanks for calling me in, for not laughing at my huge, pregnant belly and for the chance to participate in this project! Thanks for all your hardwork!”
  Mercedes Rose

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